Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kid #1 Latest Book Report

As most of you know that have heard me talk about one of my weak points this year with homeschooling being writing. We have had few assignments and practice. So as we finished up the year(her 3rd grade year), I had oldest read Island of the Blue Dolphins and do a book report. I definitely had proud Mama feelings after reading it. She went upstairs to write the report and came down with this within the hour. I am sharing it with you, in the beginning draft form, before Dad edited it.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins is about a twelve year old Indian girl named Karana. She was left behind with her brother, Ramo. Karana is brave, clever, friendly, fightful and loving. She cares about almost every animal and takes care of them.

She is trying to survive with her new friend Rontu. Rontu is a loyal dog. He barks a lot and keeps Karana safe. He understands three words: Rontu, zalwit, and naip. He is very nice.

Island of the Blue Dolphins looks like a Dolphin tanning itself. Its nose pointing toward the sunset and its tail pointing toward sunrise. It is a deserted island.

Karana is trying to survive while trying to kill wild dogs and devilfish. She makes new friends and cares for them. She is trying to find her way home, but she sometimes wants to stay on the island.

I think Island of the Blue Dolphins is about friendship, bravery, courage, cleverness, loving and sadness. The author wrote so well it touched my emotions. I laughed, was scared and I cried.

Karana learns how to survive and becomes a stronger person. She makes arrows, bows and spears. She kills seals and hurts a sea elephant with her bow. She also works to overcome her fears.

I think this book is great for anybody. It deserves four stars. And four stars is the best rating.